Kenya Hakuna Matata, Kuna Madharau

I wanted to be a Priest but...

WEH WEH, KSSS KSSS, WEWE, NANI… Yes, you there, reading this, I bet you don’t like being taunted, called names, mocked, whistled at, stereotyped, bullied and made to feel like sh*t! It’s called being DISRESPECTED! In Kiswahili we call it MADHARAU!

You see Kenyans, being peculiar have been accepting of disrespectful behaviour towards them for years so much that its now a key part of our culture. Listen to how we call each other on the streets, how our politicians treat us, how our brothers, sisters, friends, pastors, clients, companies, strangers talk to us. We even refer to our domestic helpers as Mboches. Look at how our leaders even teachers, and generally every  “peace loving” Kenyan uses unflattering phrases like MAMA YAKO (Your mother), or K*MAMAKO (I CANT translate this), FALA WEWE/ MJINGA (Idiot) MSEE WA OCHA (Backward villager), CHUTI (when referring to Kenyans of asian origin). “JARUO” (Luo) OKUYU (Kikuyu) Yeah, see how…

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